[ Brand value ]

Indicators of image and quality amidst a confusing range.

For years, brand awareness has been increasing in the population - brands and trade marks have acquired paramount importance and can decide the success or failure of an article.

Imprints, logos and names give products their identity, creating emotions and conveying an image. A brand or trade mark, well chosen and cultivated, becomes a symbol of familiarity and trust; it stands for the reputation of the manufacturer and guarantees unchanging quality. At the same time, it is an individual distinguishing feature, which helps customers to “discover” the branded product and pick it out from amidst a large range.

Trade mark protection also serves as a strategic complement to the technical intellectual property rights. When a patent expires, the competition can copy the product. In this situation, the trade mark is particularly important because – unlike other intellectual property rights – it can be extended as often as desired.