[ Chamber Assembly ]

The supreme body.

Ideas are a good thing, they invite discussions and lead to innovation. But: only industrial property rights turn innovations into a reliable economic factor – and with this in mind, patent attorneys and the Chamber of Patent Attorneys are important trailblazers for progress.

Every patent attorney in Germany is – by law – a member of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys. It represents the interests of all the patent attorneys in Germany, of whom there are currently approx. 4,300 Chamber Assembly.

All members have a vote in the Chamber Assembly. As a rule, it is held twice a year at different locations in Germany and has the following tasks in particular:

  • adopting the professional code and statutes
  • electing the Board
  • supporting the training of candidates and the professional further training of patent attorneys
  • fixing the amount of the Chamber dues and the budget
  • establishing and maintaining a support fund